About me

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, I grew up in humble surroundings with my mother, father and older brother. My parents made the tough (but definitely right) decision to relocate us down to Hertfordshire when I was six years old. Until the age of 18, we lived in the small, friendly town and enjoyed the security and freedom it gave us to explore as children. My mother chose to move back to Glasgow and I followed her, not really knowing what direction I wanted to take with my education.

After applying to study nursing, I quickly changed my mind and chose to study English Literature and Print Journalism at the University of Gloucestershire. My favourite modules during the three years of study were feature writing (PJ), early American writers (EL) and post-modernism: subject to sex (EL). I graduated in 2005 with second upper class honours (2:1).

It wasn’t until I packed my bags and set off on a six month expedition around the world that I really found my love of photography. With a Fujifilm F30 and my sunglasses as a canny lens filter (a tip I think I picked up after watching the BBC’s ‘Click’), I captured some of my best shots and uploaded them whenever I could (the internet connection speed on Fiji wasn’t that great!).

When I returned to the UK I carried on using my Fujifilm and tried to better my photography skills. As soon as I signed up to a contract on a HTC Desire HD, I started complimenting my portfolio (and experience) with Smart phone apps, such as Camera360 to create some truly fantastic shots.

Most weekends you will find me walking around London with my Canon EOS 40D in tow, taking shots of whatever interests me. If it’s not practical to take the chunky DSLR with me somewhere, I opt instead for my compact, but very reliable Panasonic TZ10.

So, now you know how I got where I am, I hope you’ll continue exploring my site and get in touch if you want to find out more!


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