Brighton rocks!

It’s easy to feel a little clostrophobic living and working in the city; every now and then you need a break – be it a trip back home (Sheffield, Glasgow or Hertfordshire for me) or a weekend away to a new city. The latter of the two being something I did recently when I spent a weekend in Brighton with two of my friends from university. We decided that it had been far too long since we’d seen each other so a reunion was on the cards, and we chose to combine this with a visit to the seaside resort of Brighton as we had never visited before.

So on a weekend (after a weekend full of glorious sunshine), we made our way (Sarah from Cardiff; Laura from Oxford) down to Brighton and checked into our B&B for the stay – The Beach Pad. The first evening was spent ‘sussing out’ the local area and trying to find a) a nice restaurant to eat in, and b) a good cocktail bar. We stumbled across a meze restaurant just a few streets away from our hotel, and quicker than you can say lamb shisha we were enjoying halloumi, humous and pita with a nice dry Turkish white wine. After dinner we wandered to Above Audio, where we drank a few cocktails and caught up on each other’s news in the ambience of chilled house music.

We spent most of the next day as obvious tourists, wandering from street to street with our cameras and the standard ‘Oh isn’t this so lovely’ catchphrase. My favourite stops were Cafe Nero for the skinny chai tea latte (and hazelnut wafer biscuits), the pier for its reto amusement arcades and charm, and the clothes shops and cafe’s around Tichborne street and Gardner street. We bought far too much, ate far too well and drank, well, quite a lot that evening. Needless to say I left my canon DSLR at the hotel that evening, but dusted it off again the next morning to take photos of the Brighton Marathon. Although the weather wasn’t fantastic I still managed to get some lovely shots.

There are some cities you visit that leave you cold, some lukewarm and some red hot. Brighton left me feeling very warm indeed. It’s definitely a city that I could see myself living in one day. But right now? No, that’s definitely a job for London.


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