Street snaps

Five years ago, at the tender age of 21, I began a love affair. No, this isn’t an ode to Mills and Boon, rather a tribute to the form of photography that captured my interest – that of street photography, and more specifically, style blogging. For years now I have been following a few fantastic blogs (Copenhagen Street Style, The Sartorialist and The Style Scout) that essentially ‘people watch’ for you. Everyone loves to ‘people watch’, don’t they? I know I do. I like nothing better than sitting still in a public place watching the world go by and with it interesting characters coming and going. I’d often try and work out their story from the way they were dressed, who they were with or what they were saying. And so the idea of taking photographs of ‘people’ in public places and posting them online for the world to see really is inspirational. But not only that, it’s a way of capturing a moment in time in digital form and documenting our perception of the images from the comments we post on the blog. It’s a sort of time capsule for future generations. A way for them to really know what we were thinking at this very moment.

Scott Schuman – the man behind The Sartorialist – puts it far more eloquently than I ever could in this beautifully filmed short documentary for Intel Visual Life. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did (and still do!)


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