What’s your favourite season?

My favourite season to photograph has to be Spring. Flowers begin to bloom, bringing with them a vivid colour palette to the landscape (desperately needed after a bitter winter), wildlife bring energy and new life (even to the urban sprawls of London!) and the sun seems to shine brighter, raising the temperature and bringing more people out into parks and public places – great subjects to photograph.

I spent Sunday walking around central London in the sunshine, taking pictures of things that caught my eye as I walked. I walked through Hyde Park, along Oxford Street, through Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square and Covent Garden, all the way back to Green Park and Buckingham Palace, where I basked in the sun’s rays for a good 20 minutes (a glass of Pimms would have been perfection!) and finally down through St James’s Park, along Embankment, over the Blackfriars Bridge and along to London Bridge.

Here are some of my favourites from the day!





2 thoughts on “What’s your favourite season?

  1. Love the red phone box pic! Hoping to collect a few of my own iconic London pictures when I get a new camera, looks like you’ve got a good collection already! Think my favourite season is autumn but spring is a close 2nd!

  2. I’m not gonna lie; for me it’s all about the squirrels. Oh, and daffs always remind me of the ones that sneeze in Alice in Wonderland… or am I imagining that? :S Great pics!

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