My moving picture idols in stills

Grace Kelly

Photographer unknown, circa 1952 - 1955

The epitome of elegance and beauty, Grace really did shine brighter than any other starlet of her time. I love this b&w shot for the contrast between white and black, light and shadow on Grace’s wave-set hairstyle and her jawline.

 Vidal Sassoon

Taken during the filming of 'Vidal Sassoon The Movie', 2010

Another b&w shot, but this time outdoors with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background. Vidal is 84 and yet this shot where he wears a leather biker jacket, trendy scarf and thick, black rimmed glasses really says ‘fun’ to me. I love the way the photographer has capture the essence of Sassoon – fun-loving and full of vitality!

Gary Oldman

I could have chosen a shot of Gary looking suitably moody, or smoking a cigarette (as there are A LOT out there), but when I came across this shot of him on a photocall for the Batman film series I couldn’t help but smile back at the laptop screen and admire the way the photographer has made Gary feel at ease. It’s in no way a cheshire cat smile, but it’s certainly endearing and I like the way the shot isn’t perfect, wit the light glare on his glasses.

Clarke Gable

Ask most people (that actually know who Clarke Gable is) what they think of when they think of Gable and I bet you they’ll either say “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”, “The moustache”, “The eyes”, “The slicked back hair”, or “The smile”.  You have to admit, he looks a bit of a charmer in this photo (and quite smug about it too!) This shot is almost ‘yearbook’ in style – a sign of the times, when head-shots of actors in the 40’s were usually posed very similar to this.


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